Promotion and wealth stone

After entering the middle of Hanshan health Valley and passing through a winding plank road, we can come to one of the most famous natural monuments and scenic spots in Hanshan historical, cultural and ecological area - promotion and wealth stone. Here is a strange stone hidden in the jungle on the hillside. It is named after the combination of a large stone like gold ingot and a stone like coffin. The Guancai stone is composed of two feldspars with cracks in the middle, thin at the top and thick at the bottom. There is a stone ridge in the middle of the stone surface, which extends to the tail. There are 19 thumb deep drill holes on the stone ridges on the left and right sides. If you tap it gently, it will make a thump sound. Its shape is also like a coffin abandoned in the grass, which is why people call it official wealth stone. There has always been a popular saying in Hanshan: touch the official wealth stone and good luck will come; Clap the official wealth stone, get promoted and make a lot of money.
About the allusions of the stone of promotion and wealth, the collection of Fengshun folk tales has the following records:
It is said that a long time ago, there was a young man named Zhang Lang at the foot of Han mountain. He always respected the old and loved the young, helped the poor and was deeply loved by the villagers. One year in the middle of winter, Zhang Lang went up the mountain to cut firewood. On his way home, he found an old woman who fainted due to cold and hunger. Seeing this, Zhang Lang immediately took off his clothes and covered her, and carried her under a boulder to take shelter, The old man woke up and was very grateful. He gave him a shiny stone key, pointed to a large hole in a teacup beside the big stone, and fled into the bushes. Zhang Lang suspected that he had met a fairy, so he inserted the stone key into the small stone hole and turned it with his hand. He heard the sound of rolling. A thin cover was immediately lifted up and leaned over to have a look, The grottoes were filled with gold and silver coins, shining brightly. Zhang Lang stayed for a while, grabbed a few, put them in his arms, picked up a firewood pole and rushed down the mountain
Although Zhang Lang took the gold and silver, he gave them all equally to the villagers and left no money for himself. However, a local rich man had an evil idea and wanted to monopolize the treasures in the stone cave. One day, he found the stone cave and dug it with a hammer chisel. Just when he reached the 19th drill hole, suddenly there was thunder and lightning, and it suddenly rained cats and dogs, and the greedy Mason was drenched like a drowned chicken. He was shocked, Zhang Lang did good for the villagers all his life. After a hundred years of life, people buried him in Hanshan canyon. The gem turned into a coffin overnight
According to historical records, in the 14th year of Yuanhe of the Tang Dynasty (AD 819), Han Yu offended the emperor because he wrote a letter against Xianzong's "welcoming Buddha bones", and was demoted as an assassin of Chaozhou. Han Yu arrived in Chaozhou in mid March that year. His first stop was Han Shan (then known as Nanshan). Under the guidance of local officials, Han Yu once went to pay homage to Han Shan stone official materials, praying that "Qingyun road is open and Confucianism is bright"! It is said that Han Yu really fulfilled his wish. After only eight months in Chaozhou, he moved to Yuanzhou (now Yichun City, Jiangxi Province) to Assassin the historian. He immediately returned to the Dynasty and was reinstated. This matter has been circulating among the people around Hanshan. And because the gold and silver treasures in the big stone can only be "seen" and can not be "taken", later, people also called the stone coffin "wealth viewing stone".
Those who have seen and touched Hanshan stone coffin pray for promotion will be promoted smoothly when they go back; Pray that those who get rich can make their dreams come true. It seems that Han Shan's "promotion and wealth stone" with aura will always bring people good luck!
Until today, people have to look forward to this pair of Hanshan "promotion and wealth stone" in the climbing season of Chongyang!