Yixian Feiquan

The first line of Feiquan is located at the end of Hanshan health valley. The height drop of the waterfall is about 100 meters. Viewed from a distance, it is like a jade belt embedded in the valley. Especially after the heavy rain, the Feiquan is pouring down with great momentum. The splashing water spray and mist are scattered everywhere, like overlapping surges on the beach and gusts of wind blowing through the pine forest. It is very spectacular. Although the first line of Feiquan is not as magnificent as the Lushan waterfall described in Li Bai's poem "flying down 3000 feet, it is suspected that the Milky way falls nine days", it has the beauty of "flying beads scatter light clouds, flowing foam and boiling dome stones". It has a different artistic conception when you are in it.