Cloud View platform

-----This scene is taken from Han Yu's ancient poem "sending Dr. Zhou Lang, Zhang 18's teaching assistant in the evening"
The sun is thin, the scenery is open, and it goes out and returns to the Yan front eaves. The clear clouds are like breaking catkins, and the new moon is like grinding sickles.
The fields are moving occasionally, and the clothes are tired for a long time. I can join hands in my life and sigh that the age will be flooded.
Dreaming among the white clouds, I am intoxicated at the top of Han mountain. The cloud view platform is located at the edge of the cliff halfway to the tea garden, with an altitude of about 880 meters. It is an excellent viewing platform for viewing the magic scenery of "Han Dong Long Yun", one of the eight ancient scenes of Fengshun. Tourists stand at a high altitude overlooking, showing in front of them a wonderful scene of rapid change. Flowers bloom in the clouds, fog floats among the flowers, clouds and flowers interact with each other, and watching flowers in the fog is like a dream. Standing on the top of the colorful clouds, holding the white clouds on the cliff, the clouds and waves touching the mountainside, and the haze gently blowing the pines, all the stone peaks appear to be ups and downs, like whales chasing and playing in the sea, tossing and making the sea, which makes you deeply feel the strange and steep mountains, the green water, the quiet tea and the charming flowers. You are suspected to be in a fairyland and forget to return.