Tea culture center

The tea culture center is located at the central axis of Hanshan tea garden, surrounded by tea gardens, facing Hanshan source and Zen tea corridor. It is a comprehensive tea culture center integrating tea finishing plant, Hanshan tea area, Tea Classics corridor and teaching and experimental base of South China Agricultural University. The tea finishing plant is built on a 900 meter high mountain, 2 kilometers away from the living area, away from dust, sewage and other pollution sources and living areas. The tea factory has two fully automatic mechanized production lines of black tea and green tea. Ultraviolet lamps are used in the plant to disinfect the processing equipment. The tea making masters in the tea factory are professional giants with decades of experience. They wear uniform clothes and masks and hats in the production process to avoid carrying pollutants into the production area, Strictly follow the production standards of Alpine organic original ecological tea and standardize production.
The tea culture center faces hanshanyuan, which is 928m above sea level. It is the water source of hanshanyuan. Adjacent to hanshanyuan is the Zen tea corridor, the flower and bird clear flow room in the cloud forest, the meditation Hanshan Zen tea corridor, the fragrance of tea with the rhyme of Qin, the wind and the moon; Qu Youren is also drunk, tasting tea to solve the heart sound. Enjoy tea leisurely. In the quiet tea fragrance, there are the beauty of Han Shan, the softness of clouds and fog, the sweetness of clear spring, the warmth of sunshine and the clarity of rain and dew. When the tea fragrance rises, it is refreshing and refreshing; When tea is strong, it refreshes people's heart and spleen.