Ling Fengge

Hanshan historical and cultural ecological area is full of mountains and peaks. Hanshan peak is the highest peak in the scenic area, with an altitude of 1050m. The top of the mountain is gentle and open, the mountains are small, the air is fresh and refreshing, so that you can fully integrate into the magnificent nature. Lingfeng Pavilion is located at the best climbing point on the top of Han mountain. Standing beside the pavilion, you can not only enjoy the brilliance of the rising sun in the East, but also enjoy the magnificent mountains and rivers dissolved in gold by the setting sun. The laughter floats down with the wind. The smile reflects the Hitachi clouds. The mountains reflect the water, the water surrounds the mountains, the smoke is ethereal, and the landscape and pastoral scenery are relaxed and happy.
When the flowers converge in the summer, only crape myrtle flowers bloom. The small leaf crape myrtle tree on the hillside has a beautiful posture, the trunk is simple and smooth, and the branches vibrate unceasingly if the tree body is slightly touched. It is really funny that "the wind gently makes a shadow", so people call it an itchy tree. From June to September, the flowers are gorgeous and have a long flowering period. Therefore, there are praise poems of "purple chrysanthemum blooms the longest, rotten because of the ten day period, summer surpasses the autumn sequence, and new flowers follow the old branches", and laudatory titles such as "hundred days red" and "full house red", as well as praise words of "green in midsummer, full house red".