Health Valley

Hanshan health Valley is located in the northeast of Hanshan historical and cultural ecological area. It is a natural canyon with fairly complete original features, with a total length of nearly 3 kilometers. In the health Valley, the tree trunk is tall and straight, the leaves are green, the tree crown is dense, the breeze comes slowly, the green waves sound, and the leaves smell. When you are in the valley, you will be clean in body and mind and free from vulgarity. There are many natural and wild camphor trees and Litsea cubeba trees in the forest. Both trees have very mosquito repellent effects, so there are few mosquitoes all year round.
At the bottom of the valley is a Shixia stream. The strange rocks in the stream are jagged and diverse. The most interesting one should be the dolphin stone that looks like a little dolphin swimming in the stream. The walking plank road and rest pavilions in the health valley are built along the stream. They are natural. The gurgling stream flows noisily and hits the strange stones, playing a wonderful movement and giving us a beautiful feast of hearing and vision.