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Hanshan mountain is located at the junction of Beidou, Fengliang and Jianqiao towns in Fengshun County, in the middle of Lianhua mountains in eastern Guangdong, across the middle of Fengshun County, Meizhou City, stretching more than 20 kilometers from east to west. It is the watershed between Hanjiang River system and Rongjiang river system. According to historical records, there will be official post roads and post stations in the Tang Dynasty. Han Yu, one of the eight great writers in the Tang and Song Dynasties, was demoted because of his admonition to welcome the Buddha bone. He went to Chaozhou as an assassin. He passed here. Attracted by the magnificent scenery, he decided to stay overnight. Watching the sunrise in the sea of clouds in the morning, he relaxed the bad atmosphere of officialdom, was full of concern for the common people, promoted education and built water conservancy, and has been greatly indebted to the Chaoshan people since then. Later generations began to call Han Shan in memory of Han Yu.
Guangdong Hanshan historical and cultural ecological zone, invested and developed by Guangdong Tianyi Industrial Co., Ltd., is located in the southwest of Fengliang Town, Fengshun County, Meizhou city. It takes only 40 minutes from the expressway exit to the scenic spot, with convenient transportation. The planning scope of the first phase of the project is about 21000 mu, with a planned investment of 1.2 billion yuan. According to the standard of national 5A tourist resort, the resort is uniformly planned and carefully designed to create a domestic first-class high-end resort integrating high-quality conference and health preservation, Han Yu cultural experience, organic tea garden sightseeing, mountain leisure Range Rover and religious and cultural pilgrimage.
The location of Hanshan historical and cultural ecological area belongs to the subtropical marine monsoon climate, while the northern mountainous area has the characteristics of continental climate. Therefore, Hanshan has significant vertical climate change, sufficient sunshine, abundant rainfall and pleasant climate. The mountain vegetation coverage in the park is high, with an area of more than 20000 mu. The terrain of Hanshan mountain fluctuates, with the highest altitude of 1050m. It is surrounded by clouds all year round, with beautiful scenery and picturesque. The unique cage cloud of Hanshan Dong is one of the eight ancient scenic spots of Fengshun.
Hanshan historical and cultural ecological zone has built selenium Lake Hotel, vacation wooden house, along the river plank road, forest people's waterfront restaurant, tea culture center, Yuanbao lake, Yingzhu Pavilion, thousand mu tea garden, health Valley, azalea Valley and other tourist attractions, which was put into trial operation on February 2, 2016.
Bearing the unique climatic advantages and geographical conditions, Hanshan historical and cultural ecological zone takes into account the mass leisure tourism and high-end vacation tourism market, highlights the popularity with the mass tourist market, creates benefits with the high-end vacation market, and shapes the domestic well-known high-end health resort brand image through the planning and construction of high positioning and high starting point. Here, tourists can not only enjoy the beauty of Camellia and Rhododendron in the warm spring, but also experience the chord music of gurgling water and refreshing like the spring breeze in the hot summer; It can not only enjoy the red maple leaves and the pink crape myrtle in the cool autumn, but also show the frost fog and ice rime of the northern scenery in the bleak winter. Here, tourists can not only enjoy the rising clouds and clouds, take advantage of the natural oxygen bar to support their body and mind, but also feel the leisure and elegance of high mountain Zen tea, and enjoy leisure in the wooden house in the forest. This is the perfect health preservation destination for you to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and travel around the lakes and mountains.